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The Hail Claim Process

The first step should be to contact your insurance company to start the claims process.

After you have filed your claim, the insurance company will arrange to have an adjuster look at your vehicle. If possible, you should have your vehicle clean and somewhere inside or at least in a shaded area for the adjuster to look at. Estimating a vehicle outside is a very inaccurate way to assess hail damage, as many of the dents will not be seen due to the glare of the sun.

The insurance adjuster may ask you where you are taking your vehicle to get repaired, or if your vehicle has a lien against it from a financial institution. If you own your vehicle free and clear, you have the right to keep your claim settlement, or to have your damage repaired, or just have parts of it repaired. This is your choice.

When your adjuster looks at the severity of your hail damage, they will write the estimate to be repaired in one of two ways, or a combination of the two. These two options will be Paintless Dent Removal or conventional body shop type repairs, or maybe a combination of the two. If possible , the Paintless Dent Removal method is recommended so that your original factory finish can be preserved. PDR repairs generally take 1-3 days to complete. Conventional body shop repairs may take 2-3 weeks or even longer.

We at Northern Dents Inc. are highly trained professionals in the fine art of Paintless Dent Removal. Automotive Hail Damage Removal is our specialty and it is all we do. Our highly skilled technicians carefully remove the dents from your vehicle preserving the original factory paint and value of your vehicle. The conventional body shop method requires that the dents are roughed in, filled with body filler, and the body panels repainted. Sometimes the damage may be so severe that the body panels may need to be replaced.

Most body shops are now familiar with PDR. Some will have their own door ding technician on staff, but most will rely on sub contractors. When an area gets hit with a hail storm, the body shops very quickly get overwhelmed with hail claims. Even if they have an in-house door ding technician or use the services of a sub contractor, they most likely have very little experience with hail damage. Multiply that by hundreds of claims and it is easy to see how overwhelming that can be for them. There is a big difference between removing a door ding or two compared to removing hundreds of hail dents on a vehicle.


Once you have decided on having Northern Dents Inc. repair your vehicle, we will notify your insurance company that you will be using us for repairs. We will carefully go over your vehicle with you, under our specialized lighting to ensure the insurance estimate was written accurately. If we feel the insurance estimate is not a fair amount to correctly repair your vehicle, we will (on your behalf) write a supplement and negotiate with your insurance company for you, to get the proper amount. This is fairly common with hail damage claims, and most often the adjuster simply could not see the actual amount of damage when they first looked at your vehicle due to poor lighting conditions.

Northern Dents Inc. is an approved vender with all major insurance companies. We can work directly with your insurance company, on your behalf, to have your claim settled, and your vehicle properly repaired in a professional and timely manner. However, Northern Dents Inc. is not affiliated with any insurance companies direct repair program. Such programs often seek generous discounts from affiliated service providers and we at Northern Dents Inc. believe this leads to cutting corners and sacrificing quality. We always perform our repairs to the highest possible standard, and your 100% satisfaction is always our top priority.